Making Room


One of the harder decisions we had to make when buying our smaller home involved our bedroom furniture. It was the first major furniture purchase we made as a married couple and we really wanted to keep it. Rather than describe, here are some pictures of the set from house we sold last year.




The first time we walked through what would become our new home, I stood in the doorway of the master bedroom and tried to mentally place our furniture. I thought we would have to give up the bench at the end of the bed. Other than that, I was in denial.

We were viewing several houses that day and we didn’t take any measurements in the bedroom. On our second visit, we did some measuring. We thought it could possibly fit if we put the bed between the windows. And placed the dresser on the wall by the door. We talked about a few changes that would save some valuable inches. Instead of the bi-fold closet doors that opened into the room, we were going to install sliding doors. We wanted this house and wanted it to work.

We closed and took possession of our new home about a week prior to needing to move out of the one we sold. This would give us time to remove the interior doors on the main level and paint the trim and walls before the new carpet was installed. It was scheduled to be installed the day before we moved in. We, of course, underestimated the amount of time needed for all this painting and did not get the spare bedroom done.

Master bedroom before painting

While painting in the master bedroom, we continued to talk about how the furniture was going to fit. We went back to our current home and measured the furniture again. We knew it would be tight, but were still in denial.

Moving day came and reality started to seep in. We had the bed placed between the windows, with one of the large nightstands in the corner. There was no room for the nightstand on the other side of the bed, so it was on the wall next to the closet. The bench, of course, did not fit and it was put in the basement, along with the boxes, tubs and other pieces of furniture that had no current home. It was a tight fit walking between the closet and the bed, and this was before the sliding doors were installed. We put a small 12 inch wide nightstand on the bathroom side of the bed, one that we had in our guest room at our previous home, and called it good. For a while.

Over the next week or so, we moved the dresser and the bed on different walls and positions, but they were worse and we went back to the original. It was crowded and I bumped my hips on the footboard more times than I can remember. After measuring the headboard and footboard, and seeing we could gain about a foot of space just removing the bedframe, we finally gave in and made the decision to replace the bed. If we could have just removed the footboard, we probably would have tried that first, but it is one piece, so all or none. We had a spare queen frame, so we put our mattress and box springs on it. On a Saturday in mid-May, 5 weeks after moving in, we brought our bedframe to a local thrift store for donation.

We moved the bed to the outside wall, so that it was parallel to the windows and closet. We squeezed in the large nightstands on either side of the bed. It felt cramped, but we still had most of our bedroom set.

Over the next few months, the closeness of the nightstands started to become an issue. There was NO space between them and the bed. The frame was lower than the original one and I hit my head on the nightstand a few times. We had a set of end tables in the living room that were smaller and I swapped them out one day when Andy was not there. (I use sliders to move the furniture around. LOVE them!) We were not sure we liked the nightstands in the living room, but we knew we liked the smaller end tables in the bedroom. The nightstands would remain in the living room for month to come.


None of our original furniture is in this picture. We found a headboard that will attach to the wall at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. It is in the ‘Projects’ section of the garage, waiting to be refinished.

Our dresser

The dresser was another issue. As I said earlier, we removed all the doors before moving in, planning to replace them a bit at a time. Putting in a bedroom door would make the wall where the dresser was extremely crowded. The door would hit the dresser when open. We couldn’t move the dresser down any farther, it was already at the door frame for the bathroom. We decided that we wanted our dresser and would have to come up with something else for a door. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest, looking at door options to save space. We looked into doing a pocket door or a barn door. We decided on a barn-style door and installed it in early December. I will give more information on the process for the door in another post. Where we bought it, what it was originally, painting and staining, etc.

Here are a few pictures of the door. It is not in the true barn door style because it does not have the cross piece and trim. We plan to hang pictures on the hallway side of the door.



Through this moving and downsizing process, we have had to part with various pieces of furniture. Pieces that had been in the family for years, and new pieces that we purchased in our last home. Giving up our bed frame and splitting our set was one of the hardest decisions, even though it was the right decision. The nightstands are in the basement now, waiting to see if they will fit down there when we get other STUFF out of the way and set up the family room.

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