Letting Go of Stuff – Progress on 30 day Challenge

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The progress on the basement has been fairly slow. We are finding items we haven’t seen in over a year, some longer than that. We are keeping some, tossing some and donating others.

At this point, the entire basement may not be cleaned out during our 30 day challenge. When we started, we forgot that we had a 5 day trip planned for the solar eclipse. We didn’t know that a special project would come up at work and a 2 day a week part-time job would become a 4 day a week job. And we sure didn’t know that the patio project would still be going on. Throw in a full day of jury duty and hand surgery and things really started to stack against us making it.

We have made trips to the thrift stores, local library, recycle centers and Habitat for Humanity. To date we have donated 47 DVDs, 37 books, a bookcase and boxes of miscellaneous household items and clothes. We are keeping track of the full amount and will post that when the 30 days is over.

We are still making progress and plan to have another load ready to donate this coming weekend. We are also getting the items ready to sell in our vintage shop. Currently those items are taking up space in the basement and will be relocated to a space of their own soon. We hope to have the shop open soon and will provide a link when it is ready.

We hope you have a nice Labor Day weekend and spend time relaxing with family and friends. We will be here; going through boxes, sorting our stuff, taking pictures of ‘treasures’ and putting them in the donate, sell or trash pile.

Wait, what happened to the keep pile?



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