Exploring Downtown El Paso

If you like murals, sculptures, and interesting architecture, take a walk through downtown El Paso

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The first Saturday in November was a bit overcast and misty. We decided to drive to downtown El Paso and check out some of the sites. We really didn’t have a plan. We went online, saw parking available at Union Plaza and navigated there.

Union Plaza ParkAn artists and farmer’s market is held there on Saturday mornings from 9 to 1. Which would have been fun, except it was closing up as we got there. We paid for parking and started walking.

It wasn’t very crowded and we wondered if the misty weather was keeping people indoors. As we walked up San Antonio Ave., we saw the Railroad Transportation Museum. As we got closer, we saw that the Visitor’s Center was in the lobby. Perfect!

Train Engine

We went in and were assisted by a very friendly young woman who gave us a map of downtown and showed us a few places to check out. She also let us know that the Museum of History and the Museum of Art have free admittance. We picked up a brochure for the Mission Trail while we were there because it looked like a great day trip for us. After looking around a bit, we thanked her and went on our way.Union Plaza walkway

As we continued east along San Antonio Ave, we passed from the Union Plaza section of downtown into the arts district, Las Plazas. We walked up the stairs of the Judson Williams Convention Center and into the Convention Plaza.convention plaza

That is when we discovered the annual Christmas Fair was in progress.

People were going in and out of the center. We stepped inside to take a peek. It looked like a fun time  for a worthy cause. However, we were not prepared to shop, so we continued on our walk.Christmas fair

Around the corner, we found wonderful murals, some sculptures and great architecture.Andy and mural

close up mura

Mural end

whole mural




2F7A4814Leaving the convention plaza, we walked up Santa Fe St. to Cleveland Square Park, where a dog costume contest was wrapping up.

That is when we saw the 3D digital wall at the El Paso Museum of History. We had fun playing with it for a while and made a digital postcard that we shared with some family and friends.


From there, we took the walkway between the park and the Library. Along the way there were colorful flower beds and trees with green bark. Since we had not seen a tree with green back before, we did a quick search and discovered they are Palo Verde, or Desert Museum trees.Walkway to LibraryFlower bedsPalm Verda

Andy took a few more pictures of sculptures here.Library walkway

Missouri and El Paso


We soon found ourselves on the corner of El Paso and Missouri. Being from Missouri, we had to take a picture.

We walked west on Missouri towards Calvary Man Park. In addition to the statue, there is a gazebo with interesting solar panels for the roof.Solar panels

The park is on the corner of Missouri Ave and Santa Fe. Across the street is the El Paso Scottish Rite Temple.Scottish Rite Temple

We continued down Missouri along the north side of Southwest University Park, home of the Chihuahuas, El Paso’s Triple A baseball team. At the corner of Missouri and Durango, we saw some interesting apartment buildings.Apartment bldg

We turned southwest and took Durango along the west side of the park.Southwest Univ ParkAt the Durango entrance to the ballpark, the sidewalk becomes a wide pedestrian walkway, where you can rent a bike or just enjoy the mural as you stroll down the hill towards San Antonio Ave.Bikes for rent

Mural on street

As we neared the parking lot, we saw the Rocketbuster building, home of handmade custom boots. Unfortunately they were closed so we didn’t get to see any of the colorful boots.RocketbusterWe wanted to explore further into the Union Plaza and Las Plazas districts, but our time on the parking meter was ending and our dogs were waiting for us back at the RV. We plan to go downtown again while we are in El Paso and see the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit at the Museum of Art.

We arrived back at the RV park in time to enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs at the annual Chili Cook off. We also enjoyed samples of the contestants chili and visited with our neighbors. It was a great way to end the afternoon.

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