Personalizing Your RV with Modifications

A post about our favorite RV mods and accessories.


You go to RV shows and see all the latest models, with extra features and lots of space. You visit dealerships and eventually narrow down your selection to the make and model that will be your home on the road.

You take possession and begin moving in your personal items. That is when you notice there is really no good place to put your spices. Or the sink cover when you’re using the sink. The kitchen cabinets weren’t that shallow at the dealership. Right?

The majority of RV owners make modifications to their RVs. We add hooks for keys, clothes and dog leashes. We remove furniture and put in desks or a place for our pets. We remove the ‘fancy’ bedding and replace it with something more comfortable and familiar. Like stick and brick homeowners, we like to show them off and share our ideas.

In the month prior to leaving on our extended trip, we made several changes. While living in our RV for the last 2 ½ months, we have made more. Here are some of our favorites:


We shared how we removed one of the queen-sized sleeper sofas to make a desk in RV Renovation – Slide Out Desk. The picture in that post showed the desk after it was finished, with nothing on it. It looks quite different now.20171222_154142

I rarely sit when I am at my computer and the desk is the perfect height for me to stand. Andy prefers to sit so we bought a large cushion for his chair to make it the correct height.



After trying several ways to organize and store our spices, we bought 2 ESYLIFE 3 Tier Wall Mounted Spice Rack Organizers from Amazon. They fit perfectly on the pantry door and make finding spices and other smaller items much easier.

The glass door panel is 13 inches wide and the spice rack is 17 inches wide, allowing plenty of room to fasten the rack to the door.

We installed one rack above the doorknob and one rack below.

In addition to the spice rack, we organized the pantry using plastic baskets with handles. They are great for smaller items, such as teas, mixes and other items in pouches. We found the baskets at Dollar Tree. We also have several of these baskets in the bedroom closet.20180102_125311


We like the sink covers and use the larger one when wanting to expand our counter space. However, when using the sink for dishes, we had trouble deciding where to place the large sink cover. After putting it on the counter a few times and not liking that option, we brainstormed a way to hang it on the side of the island.

20180102_125035We found stainless steel cabinet pulls at Lowe’s. The length needed to hold our large sink cover was 224mm center to center. The entire length of the pull is 16 inches. 

To place the cover, insert the top into the pull first.


TOWEL RING20180102_125734

On the opposite side of the island, we installed a towel ring for a hand towel. We like having a place other than the oven door to hang towels. We found the towel ring at the local Walmart.


Our knives were in a butcher block at home. We didn’t want to use counter space for the block in the RV and only brought the knives. We also didn’t want to put the knives in a drawer. This magnet bar works great! We’ve left them on the bar while traveling and have never lost one. The bar is from Harbor Freight.20180102_125831


The original steps are wooden and tended to be slick. Our terrier mix refused to walk down them and would stand there and whine until one of us carried her either up or down.

After slipping down them, we put in carpet. We had left over from our basement steps that was a good match. Andy made a template of the steps, cut the carpet and fastened it to the stairs with heavy duty Velcro. We wanted the carpet removable for cleaning or replacement.20180110_154310


Ever open your RV door to go outside, only to have a gust of wind catch it? Hard to grab it by those small handles, isn’t it? We added Camco 42183 Screen Door Cross Bars to the inside of our screen doors for that reason. We had installed them in our previous 5th wheel and liked how much easier they made closing the doors.

The other enhancement we made to our doors has let us sleep in on sunny mornings. The SunShield Reflective Door Window Cover is attached with Velcro and can be easily removed on those days you want the extra sunshine.

We added one last accessory to the door. On the outside door handle we installed EZ Open Assist Rail. It lets you to open the door from either the ground or the bottom step, depending on your height. The grandkids love it!20180110_154202

After frustrations with the not-quite-bright-enough amber porch light, Andy installed an Ever Brite motion detection light over the front door. This has helped him find the key hole when working the late shift and I am already in bed. I just have to remember to leave the porch light off so the motion detection light goes on. We purchased the light at Home Depot.20180110_172933

We hope that some of these modifications will be helpful to other RVers. If you would like more information on any of these changes, please add a comment and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you have some favorite accessories or modifications that you want to share with our readers, we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by! Safe travels – enjoy the journey.



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12 comments on “Personalizing Your RV with Modifications”

  1. Does the even brute remain attached while traveling? The self stick isn’t much. I have these at home and don’t think they are study enough for travel your thoughts?


    1. Good question, Chilly. We haven’t been on the road since installing it. We are leaving for our next adventure on Saturday and will definitely check it when we stop along the way. After the initial install, we pulled it off for an adjustment. To be sure it would adhere well, we added a second strip of double-sides tape. It comes with one strip.


  2. Thanks so much for the ideas! I love to cook & didn’t give up my spices. I ordered two four tier spice racks like yours but four tier, three plastic handled baskets from Dollar tree & I ordered a magnetic strip for our knives!! You’ve help solve a space problem!! Thanks again!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the article! Love the front desk. Our travel trailer is only 18′ and we will be full time in a couple months – can only dream about the space you have haha! If you’re curious how I have managed to fit a washing machine AND a dishwasher in our tiny space, along with a full size queen bed and usable bathroom, you can check it out here – Can’t wait to be on the road like you!!! Maybe we’ll run into each other some time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I will definitely check out your post. We have a space for a washer/dryer, but have decided to use it as a closet for now. Maybe down the road will change our minds. I know full-timers with them and without them.


      1. We would end up wasting a whole day looking for & using a laundromat with shifty people. I decided that it was worth the loss of space so that I didn’t bring home bedbugs or something! (We recently added an electric dryer but it doesn’t fit in our tiny camper, it has to live outside) We throw a load of clothes in when we come home from the days adventures. No more wasted days! Since we will be full timing in our tiny 15′ house, I love the luxury of a washer/dryer/dishwasher! We love to cook (& eat) Life is too short to wash dishes!!


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