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Getting Back to Basics

We subscribe to an internet and TV provider to get super-fast (sometimes) internet and more TV channels than we will ever watch. A couple months ago they sent out notice that the price was going up. They gave notice so … Continue reading

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Frustrations Abound – daily life while remodeling

We knew it was going to take time to get our downsized home remodeled. After we walked through it the first time, we talked about changes we wanted to make. We talked about remodeling different rooms and replacing the back … Continue reading

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Upsizing Our Downsize

The back porch/deck on the house was in bad shape. We knew when we first looked at the house that we would have to replace it. It became a matter of when we could do it and what we would … Continue reading

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A year in our downsized house

by Peggy When we moved in, I had hopes we would be almost finished with all the remodeling by the first anniversary of our move. We have certainly made a lot of progress, but we are not almost done. It has … Continue reading

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