How to Move a Carport – Take 2

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In our post, How to Move a Carport, we explained how the two of us moved a carport onto a flatbed trailer and parked it in the yard until mid-February. As promised, here is how we moved it again and reassembled it in the yard.

We would be placing it in an area that was not level, so Andy made concrete pylons of varying heights to support it. After the pylons were set, we waited for a nice day when we had nothing else to do to make the move. That didn’t happen until February. We had some unseasonably warm weather on Saturday, February 18th and decided to just do it! We really wanted to get the carport off the borrowed trailer so we could return it to our neighbor.

The easiest part was backing the trailer into position. From there we had to raise it up, put the poles back in place and get it secured on the top of the pylons.  Because we were figuring it out as we went, I didn’t get many pictures until we had it raised up and the support poles in place. Again, Andy used the engine hoist to raise it and I ran around sticking the poles back into the roof supports.

Setting the engin hoist to raise the carport

After getting the poles into the ground level supports we realized this was not the way to do it. We would NOT be able lift the carport to the top of the pylons.carportup3

carportup5These two pictures show how high we needed to lift it on both sides to do it this way.

We decided to start over and fasten the supports to the pylons first, then attached the poles. 🙂

The supports are now fastened to the pylons and we slowly raised the roof  to fasten the poles to the supports.carportup2


This process took much longer than anticipated. We really had to raise the roof! After getting the poles attached to the supports, the carport was not square and needed a bit of adjustment. The lowest corner needed a tug.

Andy using the ‘come-along’ to coax the poles through the bracket for a final adjustment.
The carport in it’s new home. In the background is the trailer on the edge of the neighbor’s yard. In the foreground is our first firepit, made from landscaping blocks.
carport upJune
The carport today. In the foreground is our new firepit, built into the ground.

We will be putting blocks into the spaces between the ground and the carport supports. This will provide more support and give it the pavillion look that we are wanting. Eventually we will place a picnic table and some benches up there.

This is one project that we are glad to have done. I don’t believe we ever plan to attempt moving a carport again!

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