Our Story

Welcome to Our Downsized Life. We are so glad you found us.

We are Andy and Peggy Staver. We met in 2004, fell in love, and were married in November 2006. When we were in the process of selling our separate homes and deciding where we wanted to live as a newly married couple, Peggy’s employer announced the closing of their Kansas City location, with the option to stay with the company by relocating to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

At the time, Andy, a Perioperative RN, was employed by an agency. Peggy was working as a Business Systems Analyst and was offered a management position in the move. In early 2007 not all of our children were located in the Kansas City area and we decided this was a good time to make the move. Andy accepted a position in the OR at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. We sold both houses and moved to North Liberty, Iowa in August 2007.

It was there that we discovered our love for camping. There were several campgrounds in the area near our home and we took advantage of them. We also discovered kayaking. We currently have two kayaks and take them out on rivers and lakes whenever possible.

After 4 years in Iowa, we felt the pull to move back to Kansas City. By that time, our two oldest were living in the Kansas City area and we had young grandchildren that we wanted to see more often. Peggy was able to work remotely for her employer and Andy took a position in the operating room with the Kansas City VA.

When returning to Kansas City in 2011, we purchased a large home that we planned to live in through retirement. It was a great house for hosting family gatherings and parties.

In January 2016, Peggy’s employer offered an early retirement package, to be effective December 31. After praying and discussing, she accepted the offer. After reviewing our options, we decided to change our lifestyle and downsized to our current home in early April 2016. Peggy continued to work remotely until the end of December 2016. We spent most of that year remodeling our home and working on the land.

You can find many of our remodeling projects on our blog, along with our frustrations getting rid of furniture, mementos, and clothes.

In January 2017, Peggy ended her career in the corporate world and we started this blog. In October 2017, Andy left his position with the VA and started a new career as a traveling nurse. We did this to travel and see the country now. We didn’t want to wait until we reach retirement age.

This has been a big lifestyle change for us. While we have enjoyed extended vacations in our RV, we had not lived in it full-time. Andy is adjusting to the life of a traveler and is adapting to new hospitals and processes. He is also the main photographer for our blog. Peggy writes our blog, struggles with internet connections, and is pursuing a freelance writing career.

We are glad you stopped by. We will be sharing our travels and recommending free places to go and things to do. We also share RV modifications and our experiences on the road. If you would like to receive an email when a new post is available, just sign up to follow us by completing the form the side of this page.

Safe travels,

Andy & Peggy


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